When are classes held for my child's swim level?

Three to four swim classes are held simultaneously each half of hour so we are able to accommodate most levels during each time frame.  It is possible to schedule siblings with multiple swim levels at the same time. 


What is the best class for my child?

We group children by age and ability and every effort is made to ensure that your child is in the most appropriate class .  Since we have multiple classes at a time, we have the flexibility to move your child into a class that will most benefit your child. 


How warm is the water?

Classes are held at an outdoor pool and the water is heated to 89 degrees.


How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Each child is different, so learning to swim is different for every child.  The more a child is exposed to the water, the more comfortable that child will be in the water.  We recommend that you help your child practice the skills he or she learns outside of swim class.  Our swim lesson pool is reserved soley for lessons so there is no practicing before or after swim lessons.  The Lomas Santa Fe Country Club pool is open to members and is a great pool for practicing.  If you are interested in membership please contact Membership at 858-755-6768. 

Why do you not guarantee that a child will swim  after the two weeks?

Again each child is different, and we need to work at each child's level.  All of our students improve after two weeks of lessons, but some students need more that 2 week to feel comfortable in the water and learn how to swim.  Pushing children when they are not ready to take the next step can be counterproductive to the overall student's long term learning process and children may regress.