Safety Tips

Safety and Swimming GoTogether

Lomas Santa Fe is concerned about safety around the pool. Here are a few rules to follow around the pool:

1. Never leave a child unattended (even for a minute) at the beach, near a pool or spa, in the bathtub or near any standing water. Even good swimmers should not be left alone in the water.

2. Fence and lock all pool and spa areas

3. Teach children never to go near water unless an adult is present.

4. Teach your child swimming safety skills. Our lessons focus on treading water, swimming on the back, swimming to the wall, and water appreciation.

5. Don't overrely on floaties- as they can make children overconfident in the water and parents tend to not focus on their children when they have floaties on.

6. Always wear a life jacket when riding in a boat.

7. Always wear Sunscreen.