First Day of Swim Lessons

Lomas Santa Fe Swim Lessons meet at 1580 Sun Valley Road.  For directions, please click here: Directions 

When arriving at the pool, look for the Swim Lesson board.  The board will have your child's (children's) name and your child's (chidlren's) instructor.  Each instructor will have an associated color.  The 'Yellow' team will enter and exit the pool  on the steps.  The 'Purple' team will enter and exit the pool in the corner.  The 'Red' team will enter and exit the pool in the deep end.  

Please no swimming before your child's (children's) class starts.  Your child's (children's) instructor will call your child's (children's) name at the start of class.

In conjunction with COVID guidelines and to promote contact free payments, we will not be set up for parents to make payments at the pool.  We are asking for payments to be mailed to us prior to the start of lessons.  We will have a drop box to leave payment for those unable to mail payments in advance .

We want to make sure that we have a 2024 Wavier with Covid Release on file for all registered students.  The waiver can be mailed with payment or electronically sent to The waiver can also be dropped off at the pool in the dropbox.   The waiver can be found here:


2024 Waiver 

Please help to keep our bathrooms clean.  An adult must accompany children to the bathroom.   

Thank you for enrolling in 

Lomas Santa Fe Swim Lessons